Fun A Day Dundee
2020 Online Exhibition

Welcome to this year’s exhibition! 
Here we have our Participant Portfolio web page.  
We have all 112 participants listed, just keep scrolling to view the content!

What does the Online Exhibition look like? Well, in addition to this web page, we’re sharing some insight into projects and FADD, as well as providing some activities. The schedule of this content and more can be found
on our website here.

What Is Fun A Day?
Fun A Day Dundee is a creative body in Dundee that aims to get anyone and everyone making and creating in January! We transform January into a fun filled 31 day project where you can follow along with the community, sharing and posting, or taking part privately.

Projects can be anything, such as walking, painting, cooking, reading, knitting, drawing, taking photographs, sending letters, exploring places, learning something new, making time for a hobby... 

Fun A Day has lived in Dundee for 11 years, and grows each January, bringing together a varied commnuity of people. Our community is made up of artists, non artists, hobbyists, children, and those who have never made time for creative projects!

Once January is over, we usually celebrate our efforts/fun/achievements as a public exhibition.
Due to lockdown restrictions we’ve moved our exhibition online this year! 

Photography here by JillyJilly

Participant Portfolio Showcase:

1.David P Scott

David's blog
(image below)

4. Deborah Chapman
"My project was called '31 things I am scared of' by Little Debz. This was a continued theme project my puppet Little Debz has been working on in
previous funaday projects.
The media has been 31 watercolor illustrations with simple text about the theme and then made into small prints to be displayed at the exhibition.
These illustrations have been an exploration about my personal experiences with life and mental health.”
'Little Debz' Instagram
(images below)

8. Kirsty Dalton
"I was incorporating colour into my woodwork to try and create sculptural landscape scenes."
Kirsty's Instagram
(images above)

10. Soda Loop
"10 minutes a day hand-embroidery using my Soda Loop stitch kits."
Soda Loop on Instagram
(images above)

13. Vicky Kerr
'Paper, Ink and Yarn'
"A mixed media project with hand-drawn creatures, papercutting and hyperbolic crochet. This year I wanted to do something that would result in a single finished artwork, and to include crochet (which I find relaxing!). The creatures were drawn then scanned and printed out and coloured separately. In the end I also created a hand-lettered piece telling the 'story' of the scene so it actually ended up as two pieces."
Vicky's Instagram
(images above)

15. Victoria Wylie
"...for #fadd2020 rather than trying to create new work each day, I am going to use this challenge to help steer the content of [my] exhibition. I am planning on taking stock of all the creative content I have accumulated over the last 12 months – the hundreds of photos, sketches, studies and ideas to generate new paintings.
I need to make sense of these whilst continuing to develop new ideas to add to this archive."
Victoria's Instagram
(images to the right)

2. Oku Designs
“Childhood memories illustrated on teabags.”

Each of these memories is beautifully evoked on a tiny teabag and accompanied by the story that prompted it. A lovely slice of nostalgia presented in a unique and moving way.
Each delicate illustration was accompanied by text detailing memories and providing an insight into local history.
Oku on Instagram
(images above)

5. Davy Mitchell
Davy made a range of loom knitting toys - without using patterns! He just made them up as he went along. Robots, birds...and even mummies!
Davy's Instagram
(images above)

7. Ailsa Lonsdale
"To create a doodle based on the various shapes of excess water left behind after showering... there's no deep reason as to why, I've just always had a general fascination with this."

What a creative and unique prompt to creating new drawings throughout the month!
Ailsa on Instagram
(images above)

11. Pam Kelly
'A Dog a Day'
Pam's Instagram
(images above)

14. Maiden Glass
'Nature , flora and fauna'
Maiden Glass on Instagram
(images above)

3. Karen Morris, size3art
“Each day in January, I asked my 6 year old daughter to give me a name for a painting.
I then created a painting/piece inspired by that name.”
Size3art Instagram
(images below)

6. David D Scott
'Slices of Time'
"Because I walk regularly, I decided to take a photograph every day.
I restricted my photographs to the East Sands, St Andrews.
In the end, I had more photographs than days so I decided to choose one for each of my thirty-one days and cut them up into a mosaic. In preparing the mosaic, I decided to cut up the photographs spontaneously. I made no attempt to measure each piece. I let the creative juices within lead me to create my picture.
I wanted to incorporate what I saw and felt during January by recreating the East Sands in a less precise idiom than a photograph. I had been inspired by a painting called ‘Castle and Sun’ by the Swiss artist, Paul Klee. He created his painting out of geometric shapes – rectangles, triangles, circles etc. using very bold colours. Right in the centre of the geometric mosaic is a very impressive sun. My colours were not as brilliant as his. This was January afterall and I was restricted to what was available when I was at the beach. This was a good discipline. Sometimes too much choice paralyses creativity.”

“Paradoxically, restricting choice and abandoning precision was a liberating mix.
I called my piece, ‘Slices of Time’ for each piece in the mosaic was part of a photograph
capturing part of the landscape and seascape at a particular point in time. Taken in the present moment, I have rearranged the pieces celebrating the past and created something new for the future."
-David D Scott
(image below)

9. Lauren Lewis
"I have been doing 30secs - 1min of improv dance and improv drawing everyday. It has been really good to just dance and draw for the joy of it rather than have pressure to produce something I have in my head. It has also been really enjoyable to see how my dancing and mark making has changed dependent on the music."
Lauren's Instagram
(images below)

12. WhimSicAL LusH
‘Mountain Life’
"I created this piece for my 2 year old niece, Brea, who lives high up in the mountains
in the French Alps. I’ve been wanting to create her something for ages now, so this was the perfect time/ excuse/ push to do it. I wanted to create things for her that stem from this picture and make it come alive so I made it into a 3d paper diorama and created a mobile to hang above her bed to capture her imagination as she falls asleep. Fun A Day was the perfect ‘excuse’ as always to get creating, even though I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to grab enough time for an extra project this year. It’s an important reminder for me to always make creative time for myself, you never know what may come of it! In fact the roe deer and red squirrel I created for Brea now feature in the wooden mural I was making for Roxburghe House. A fun thing for her to spot when she comes to visit Scotland."
WhimSicAL LusH on Instagram
(images below)

16. Marta Mitchell
'2 Crocheted Dolls.'
Marta chose to design and crochet a doll for this year's project.
She finished it with a few days to spare and went on to make a second one!
Once January was over Marta went on to write up the pattern for the dolls, you can find the pattern here at

Marta also designed a 3rd doll to keep the others company, they make a fab trio!
Marta on Instagram
(images below)

20. Gair and Sine Dunlop
'Double Drawings'
"My daughter (aged 11) and I took turns to draw a small thing or detail,
then the other would draw the picture around it."

We love this simple idea - always fun with different ages too.
(images below)

23. howatdesigns
"It's crunch time! We all love a good biscuit and there’s just so many to chose from!
There really isn’t anything a cup of tea and a biscuit can’t solve!
So let’s sit back, put our feet up and celebrate our love of biscuits!
And tell me, what’s your favourite?"
howatdesigns on Instagram
(images below)

27. Kyoshi Kreations
"Various mediums for myself, watercolour, charcoal, graphite, mainly animals as this is
what I've been enjoying exploring, but added little other ideas too."
Kyoshi Kreations Instagram
(images below)

19. Drew Marr/Gold Lion Comics
"My #FADD2020 project is a series of comical villains inspired by my work as a comic writer,
artist, and publisher.

As part of Drew’s project, he would like you
to vote in his Villain Election.
Place your vote here!
“Remember, each villain is equally
ridiculous but your vote matters!
Why not check out all 7 villains
on Drew's website before voting.:”
Drew's Instagram
(images to the right)

22. Garry Brown
“Figures and fantasy creatures
made from polymer clay.”
Garry's Instagram
(images above)

25. Issy Robertson
“Zentangle mandala style abstract doodles.”
We love getting a look into sketchbooks, especially at beautifully detailed drawings such as these!
Issy's Instagram
(images above)

26. Maureen King
"Little nut tree"
Maureen's Instagram

29. Hello World
'Inside My Mind'
"Mya has been designing her Digital art with a program on her mobile phone.. (IBS paint), playing with colours, gradients and shapes."
(images below)

30. Phoebe p.m
Drawing Different Clothing Aesthetics.
"For this project I used different prompts for each day to design different clothing styles. I drew digitally to make the designs."
(no image)

17. Alex Mitchell
Alex set the challenge of drawing an insect a day for all of January. Bees, butterflies, ladybird, beetles and moths, all with intricate detail and style.
Alex's Instagram
(images to the left)

18. Carole
'Advent calendar'
(no image)

21. Kate High
"Finishing projects, Doodle mania."
Kate's Instagram
(images below)

24. Liam Palermo
“My aim was to create various type related posters ranging in subjects from favourite films to topical
and politically inspired.”
Liam’s Instagram

28. Melanie (Gilligan)
“I decided to make children's and adults rucksacks using fabrics I already owned and some clothing I wanted to recycle. I bought some new fabrics to compliment them and bring it all together.
The chosen theme was 'Wizard of Oz'.
By recycling some old clothing and adding in some new fabrics, I created these fantasy character bags, including this Dorothy one.”
Melanie on Instagram
(images below)

31. Niall
'A Cassette EP'
(no image)

33. April Black
“A book inspired piece for each day in January, handcut using a scalpel.”

These intricate designs ranged Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh to Miffy and Jurassic Park.
April's Instagram
(images above)

34. Mark McGreehin
'Novelty figures made of upcycled computer keyboard keys.'
Mark's Instagram
(images below)

37. Evelyn Lewis
“Leopard” by Evelyn Lewis, aged 7. Painting and textile art.

What amazing skills this young textile artist has!
(image below)

39. Katie Gammie/ katiebirdie
'Birdie Bingo'
"I spent 30 minutes every day drawing using any medium. Initially i was going to draw anything that took my fancy
but after drawing birds for the first few days decided to stick with the theme. Some drawings were finished over the course of a few days and others a lot quicker."
Katie's Instagram
(images below)

35. Emma Fraser
An illustrated book, made from recycled paper ephemera collected over the month.
Emma's Instagram
(images below)

40. Gwen Anderson
"Crochet - trying to get my scrappy square blanket up
and running again and finished!!!!"

Gwen persevered and the results are amazing!
(images below)

42. K. Lawrence
"For my project I used a random number generator to pick from a list of crowd sourced story prompts. One was picked each day, and from it I wrote and posted a short story. The stories were all first attempts with the barest amount of editing (spelling corrections and some word order changes.)"
K. Lawrence's Instagram for more content

32. Amy Michelle Smith Downey
~ Steam Powered Fish

Amy created a patchwork painting of Loch Tummel for her project by doing a square every day.
Some are in colour, some sketched in black and white.
The result is evocative and striking. 
Amy's Instagram
(image to the left)

36. Emma Reid
"Retro style digital illustration based on my trip to Vietnam."

We love this style and what a great way to document experiences from a trip abroad!
Emma's Instagram
(images above)

38. Gabby P
"A small quilted wall hanging of
vegetable garden hanging made out of scraps.
The pattern (purchased online) uses a foundation paper method with some embroidery."
(images below)

41. Kelly Reilly
'Movie Quotes from the 80's!'

Kelly created these fun and nostalgic artworks of films from the 80's, alongside movie clips on her Instagram during January.
Kelly's Instagram
(images below)

43. Anu
Anu made a range of crochet flowers in lots of bright colours - daisies and forget-me-nots and even some butterflies. Wonderful crochet pieces that brightened up our January!
Anu's Instagram
(images below and to the right)

45. Leah Gurr
"My fun a day project this year is a progression in from last year’s project. Last year I made a series of paper models and this year I have translated those models into metal. Some will hopefully, when they are finished, become beautiful pieces of jewellery."
Leah's Instagram
(images below)

46. Dundee Woodturning
"Using [Fun A Day] as a prompt to get back into the habit of regular making after a long time off with an injury."

Amazing creations made from wood with the added highlight of getting to see the process on Instagram! Check it out:
Dundee Woodturning on Instagram
(images below)

50. Marc McKay
'Graphic ink portraits.'
(images to the right)

51. Melissa Latto
'Making a new style of earrings a day.'
Melissa's Instagram
(images to the left)

44. @stilllifewithakeyboard
‘A Collage A Day’
“No theme, no direction, just keeping it simple!”
From seascapes to maps, cartoons and shapes, this project took inspiration from lots of different places.
Stilllifewithakeyboard on Instagram
(images to the right)

48. Jemma Toller
‘Colourwork Knitting’

Jemma used this opportunity to practice some colourwork!
Jemma's Instagram
(images above)

47. Annika Keddie
(no image)

49. Clare Holland
'Felted Flower Garland.'

Clare felted a small flower each day and attached them onto a green felted strand leaves and buds. Fun project to focus on Spring/nature during a cold and dark month!

(image below)

52. Scott
"Journeying and Journaling Throughout January : Capturing My Month Through Photography. Description-Using photography and journaling to document what interested me and what I saw during January 2020."
(below and V&A to left)

54. Andy Carlyle
'A Dream Like Dundee'
“For this project, I transformed various Dundee locations and merged them into a colourful, surrealist world.

The process was that I first sketched the buildings and their landscapes with pen and paper, then digitally painted the imported sketches in Krita. I tested different colour combinations, different brushes, and line styles to see what worked best.

The final piece was then created by choosing which sketches worked well together as a composition, then redrawing/painting everything again digitally.”
Andy's Instagram

(images above)

60. Jane McCool
"I made a large crochet granny square blanket, made with 5 balls of James C. Brett Marble chunky yarn, using my 4.5mm hook. I love all colours and couldn't decide on what one to choose
so I just got 5 different shades of multicoloured yarn to make my blanket. It is made up of using mainly
treble crochet in the round and a shell stitch to decorate the border."
(image above)

61. Pamela Scott
'Painting and Drawing for Fun
Imagined cityscapes created with acrylic paints and posca pens.'
@pamelaprints on Instagram
(images below)

65. Emma Allan
"I decided to take the opportunity of Fun A Day Dundee 2020 to complete some unfinished projects & try out crafts that have been on my to do list for ages. I completed projects in crochet & cross-stitch, tried needle felting & pom-pom making and used some of my craft stash to paint, doodle & die-cut last year’s Christmas cards into some mini-bunting."
Emma's Instagram
(images below)

68. Hannah Wingfield
'Astonishing Splashes Of Colour' made with polymer clay, paint and crochet.

Hannah produces colourful crochet and for her FADD project she kept the colours flowing
into other mediums for a bright collection of work!
Hannah's Instagram
(image below)

73. Kirsten Walker
Kirsten's Instagram
(images below)

76. Shona Mason
"Weaving a square a day on a pin loom using wool from 24 British rare breed sheep."
Shona's Instagram
(images below)

81. Louise Petrie
"Junk journal and some sewing."
(image below)

83. Pauline Lavery
"My Dundee from A to Z. My ‘Fun a Day Dundee’ project is about my home city of Dundee. During the project I have explored Dundee’s culture, history, architecture
and people, to develop 26 ideas which use every letter of the alphabet from A to Z.
In each piece of work I have used either a unique style or experimented with different materials, which, for me, has made this project so much fun!"
Pauline's Instagram
(images below)

87. Sophie Siegel - The Candle Bothy
"I chose origami as my fun a day project for 2020. I wanted to do something totally unrelated to what I usually do. I have never tried origami before and it has been some sort of mystery to me. I love most things Japanese and origami has fascinated me for a long time. I chose to make a different piece of origami every day. Some days it was quite easy and some days it has been very challenging, but I am very happy with what I have achieved. And I will continue to make little origami projects."
The Candle Bothy's Instagram
(images below) 

90. Violet Fraser
'Moment in a Bottle'
"I kept my project simple this year so that I could maintain my mental well-being by making art while learning not to pressure myself or overspend my energy to complete it. I decided to challenge myself in parallel to my New Year's Resolution; aiming for zero waste, sustainable living for a year. This means refusing packaging, especially plastics, reducing environmental impact, and reusing or repurposing as much as possible before recycling. I'd switched from disposable contact lenses in plastic cases to yearly lenses in glass 2 years ago, and collected all these lovely little bottles that seemed meant for making into a collection project. The aim of my project was to put a small found object into each bottle as a token to represent my day, and to title it. I initially thought of writing a poem a day to go with each one as writing practice, but settled on this project because it was an achievable challenge to think more creatively during a dark time of year, while giving myself as much flexibility as possible on low energy days. It renewed my enthusiasm for looking at the world with an appreciation for the small details. In some ways this became a mental health project for me, but my intention is that it represents daily self-care, particularly being present in the moment and appreciating nature.
Each bottle had a name/descriptor of what was inside it so it would look like a numbered list with
the title of each one. "
(images below and to the right)

53. Avril Mackay
Avril's #FADD2020 project consisted of a series of small canvasses, measuring 3x3", featuring a range of subjects including interiors, landscapes and cats.
Avril's Instagram
(image below)

55. Lynn
"I used FADD2020 as a kick start to get some mini projects going for my online Etsy shop. I had some ideas in mind for a while, but hadn't got round to doing them, so this was a great opportunity to achieve some goals, make January a bit more fun and be part of a community."
The Bone Witch on Instagram
(images below)

58. Ed Muirhead
Ed sketched an invention a day inspired by what he came across.
He's been involved every year since Fun A Day Dundee started, combining his skills in art and music to create playful project pieces every year. 
You can see all his funaday's by clicking the link below.
Ed's FADD page
(images below)

62. Andrea Sayers & Sadie Sayers-Lodge
Andrea - Huts of Carbeth
Sadie - Film Fun
Andrea's Instagram
(both sets of images and text below)

“I first became aware of hutting communities in Scotland during the Scottish Referendum when Lesley Riddoch talked about their popularity in Scandinavian countries, allowing people closer access to nature and a simpler lifestyle. I was lucky enough to get my own hut three years ago, and I love seeking out other examples and have started collecting quick sketches of them as I wander around.  Most huts are very individual and many tend to be quirky and original, having been built and added to over time, usually with recycled and reclaimed materials.

Carbeth in Stirlingshire is Scotland's original hutting community which started when camping rights were granted to returning World War One soldiers and families living along the industrial banks of the Clyde.  There are other smaller hutting communities scattered across Scotland and the numbers are steadily growing. A hut is defined as a simple off grid building used as recreational accommodation . The inside space of a hut is no more than 30m2 with the idea it can be removed at the end of its life and leave little trace.” - Andrea Sayers

(images to the left)

66. Miscellany-Jane Re-creations
"A commission from a friend to create
a memory artifact took over from the original FAD challenge to re purpose a wrap-around evening skirt of lamé fabric. Both projects re purpose fabric: the commission (pro bono) to create a wall hanging and a soft toy and the challenge to create a range of dress garments (waistcoat, decorative cuffs and collars, purse and hair accessories).
The wall hanging design and construction took most of January but such fun is addictive and the challenge was continued into February and beyond."
Jane's Facebook
(image below)

69. Kirsten Mae Wallace
"Fun a Day Dundee has been an encouraging opportunity to continue learning new embroidery techniques which are all self taught. From sharing my work online, I have now begun to receive embroidery hoop art commissions which I am really excited about.
If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please message me directly on Instagram. "
Kirsten Mae's Instagram
& @kirstenmaecrafts on Facebook

(images below)

72. Nicole Hodson
“Daily pixel art based on a prompt provided by @Pixel_dailies.”
Nicole's Instagram
(images below)

74. Santiago Patiño Mains
"This project is a collection of model landscapes"
(no image)

77. Paula Deas @elusive.sketchbook
“Small collection of seascape/landscape paintings. Acrylic paint on canvas.”
Paula on Instagram
(images below)

79. Rui
'A creation a day'
(images below)

82. Sandra Cassidy
"To start and get as far on with an embroidery piece as I could through the month. See where it took me and try out new techniques."
Sandra's Instagram

 84. Susan P Mains
"Wee World Wonders I am fascinated
by the ways in which miniature landscapes encourage us to focus on details while imagining ourselves as tiny protagonists in otherworldly settings.
I am a geographer by training and often talk about large regions and vast environments, and FADD has given me the chance to explore some of the bigger issues I research with a closer eye and at a scale that hopefully draws the viewer in. It has also given me a chance to create some humorous, slightly off kilter, perspectives. To keep things manageable I decided to use a series of empty matchboxes and gift boxes as the basis for each scene—then things just grew—or shrank—from there!
As they say, the world’s your oyster/matchbox!"
Susan's Instagram
(images below)

88. Woolly Jones
"Shapes (digital drawing experiments) -
a collection of intuitive and object based drawings using Painter Essentials 7 and Illustrator software."
Woolly Jones on Instagram
(images below)

(cont. Violet Fraser)

  1. Berkana: New Beginnings (Camperdown, Dundee)
  2. Pinus Sylvestris: Scott’s Pine (Beacraigs, Linlithgow)
  3. Monstrance Containing Hair: Shearing/Goodbye
  4. Sand (Reliquary of Transient Site-Specific Work “Stones From My Pockets,” Aberdeen Beach, 2020)
  5. Alder (Dundee)
  6. Copper Birch (Dundee)
  7. Lichen (Camperdown, Dundee)
  8. Depression (Within)
  9. Beech nut (Camperdown, Dundee)
  10. Tears/Saturation (Anywhere)
  11. Trapped Thistledown/Unsaid wishes (Dundee)
  12. Saline & Sorrow (Everywhere)
  13. Trapped Tide: This Water Remembers Being a Wave (East Sands, St Andrews)
  14. Catkins (Camperdown, Dundee)
  15. Light; As A Feather (The Miley, Dundee)
  16. Bright/Green: Briars Flourish First (The Miley, Dundee)
  17. Presents From The Past (Found in sketchbook)
  18. Re-memories/A Small Wish (Found Relic from “Death & The Lovers,” Tin Roof, 2014)
  19. Meltwater: I Was Snow Once, Not Tears (Dundee)
  20. Blood Test: Am I Sweet Enough Yet? (Dundee)
  21. Heart Tracing: Erratic Beats – What Matters Is How You Use Them (Dundee)
  22. One Heart (Found Ancient Artefact from Dundee, pre-2013)

56. Bridget Iesan
'The Veil'
Acrylic on paper
Bridget on Instagram
(image above)

57. Louise Kirby
"Using local fish as inspiration I created quick sketches to release ideas, then created ink drawings and played with pattern and movement using collage from hand printed and hand painted papers."
Louise on Instagram
(image above)

59. Gavin Cameron
“The whole project is called Junkuary. Virtually everything in it is made from recycled materials and will be discarded after the exhibition. I'd included a lot of writing in my previous projects, so I was determined to step away from that in 2020.

My Shred (After Tracey Emin) was supposed to be the centrepiece of my presentation. It's a response to her work My Bed that hides my old letters and bills in plain sight rather than laying them out for an audience.

CARDMAGEDDON explores the uncertainty I feel about throwing away greetings cards to save space versus keeping them as mementoes.”
Gavin's Instagram
(images below)

63. Anonymous
"I worked on a crochet blanket with mini granny squares. It will have 60 squares by the end and will be sewed/crocheted together."
(no image)

64. Hayley Blakeman
"Writing a short something."

Extracted text from Hayleys project:
“If only I could see the world the way you do. Lead me, teach me. I will try and live more in the moment. I will try and say yes more than no, to bite my tongue and have more patience. To avoid lava, set traps for monsters, see fairy dust everywhere and have imaginary dragon friends. I won’t however tell everyone at the bus stop about my pumps...”
Hayley's Instagram
(images below)

67. Julie West
“Having previously painted in watercolour I wanted to try the new medium of oil.
I explored how to prepare boards for painting with gesso. My painting boards were small 9cm squares which I felt would be manageable for a daily challenge.”
Julie's Instagram
(images below)

70. Karen MacAllister
“Illustration based project developing an idea for a parent friendly resource to support speech and language delayed toddlers & young children.”
Karen's Instagram
(images below)

71. Lesley Woodbrooks
"Using the working title “Dancing in the Sky” I explored painting landscapes with a focus on skies, birds and telegraph poles. This was to build towards an exhibition in March with the same title to help raise money for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.
The charity exhibition; ‘Dancing In The Sky’, was postponed due to Covid 19.
We hope to reschedule soon."
Lesley's Instagram
(images below)

75. Lillias Chisholm
"Working on designing and making stickers every day using alcohol markers."
Lillias Instagram
(images below)

78. SKMCreates
"A leaf a day, just wanted to go back to basics and draw from life. I found it fascinating seeing the beauty in a leaf disintegrating, the shadows
and curls and holes."
SKMCreates on Instagram
(images below)

80. Rachel Fox
“'A word a day...' is a 31-word poem, revealed one word per day for the 31 days of January 2020. "Each word is illustrated in a 15cm square on watercolour paper using felt tip pens, coloured pencils and sketching pencil
(i.e. things I had left around the house from my daughter's childhood art and, in some cases, even
my own school pencil case)."
Rachel on Instagram
(images below)

85. Roisin
'Bun a Day' - a bunny related
piece of art every day!
Roisin on Instagram
(images below)

86. Yasmin Ross
"I created 31 tiny framed sculptures using mixed media and found objects. I call it “a little light in darkness” as each sculpture was inspired by the small things I found joy in each day throughout the difficult month of January."
(image below)

89. Zoe Jordan
"I painted a daily watercolour and added a caption - a thought about the climate crisis - an inspiration from the book Letters to the Earth."
Zoe's Instagram
(images below)

94. C. Gul
"I've been playing with lego, combining a lego AT-ST model I found in a charity shop with a Batman lego model. I just kind of had to make this BAT-AT."
C.Gul's Instagram
(images above)

97. Katherine and Claire Dow
"We spent January learning to sew. Katherine chose some fabric and thread. Then we spent time finding a pattern and watching YouTube videos! Eventually we worked up the courage to get the scissors out and cut our material. Katherine sewed it all up and made herself a cute skirt to wear on her holidays.
Katherine really enjoyed using the sewing machine and we’ve since bought more material ready to make another!"
(image above)

91. Caroline Cassidy
'This year my project involved 'Random Acts of Crochet Kindness'. I made 31 small crochet pieces across the month (mostly things with smiley faces!) and left these in random places throughout the days of January. My plan was to hopefully bring a little cheer to those who found these."
A thoughtful and creative way to spread some kindness throughout Dundee city.
Caroline's Instagram
(images below)

95. Eilidh Morris
"I am creating and sharing 31 drawings based on the TV shows I watched growing up in the 1990s and 2000s. I've chosen this theme because I love that little bit of joy you can get seeing imagery or hearing a song from years and years ago, so I hope I can awake a little memory in all of you too. Each drawing is approx. A5 and creating with felt pens, posca pens and fine-liner ink pens."
Eilidh's Instagram 
(images below)

93. Caroline Muir
“Pom pom animal menagerie - a pom pom a day project.”
These delightful, soft, little characters have a great attention to detail with their own characters shining through. 
(images above)

98. Moss Cottage
Every day in January saw a piece of a short story added to Moss Cottage Instagram. This was based on characters in a fictional village in southern Ireland. A really imaginative and unusual project! We love seeing the new ways people get creative with Fun A Day Dundee.
Moss Cottage's Instagram
(image above)

92. Anonymous
“Making a quilt for a child from his old baby grows.”
What a memorable and personal craft project from old clothing!
(image below)

96. Liz Taylor
Liz knitted beautiful socks for her
Fun A Day Dundee project.
Liz's Instagram
(image below)

99. Newtyle Primary School P6/7 Class
'Drawing A Day'
"We all did a drawing of our choice on a hexagonal piece of paper. We enjoyed this project as it was always a chance for us to choose what we wanted to draw and was a fun thing to do together."
(images below)

105. Icklelynz
'Mountains - any media, pen, paint, photo.'
"I've always loved art since I was a little girl and have always dabbled from time to time. Recently parenting and adulting has got in the way a bit and sitting peacefully to draw, paint, make etc was always at the bottom of the to-do list and always rushed if done at all.
Well FADD 2020 has brought a bit of arty focus to our lives, we now make time to do art together, we enjoy the quiet time drawing and talking and we are realising that it doesn't have to be a masterpiece or even completed for us to enjoy it. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂"
(images below)

110. Sam Leitch
"Disney characters drawn/sketched as often
throughout the month as I could."
(images below)

100. Jilly Noble
'Draw Every Day'
Jilly's Instagram
(images below)

103. Johann Dunn
“My project this year was about learning to knit - I have crocheted for years, but I finally got my head around knitting toward the end of last year. Having got a beautiful yarn for Christmas, my goal for Funaday was to learn different knitting techniques and be confident enough by the end of January to make something special out of my Christmas yarn.”
Johann's Instagram
(images below)

106. Sorcha Pringle
“During the month of January I kept a poetic diary of the day-to-day occurences, particulary a few significant days including some health issues. After doing so, I then collaborated with Visual artist Jonathan who has created visual illustrative representations of my written work. Each image represents elements of different poems within them.”
(no image)

109. Cora & Stella Sloan
Our videos were made during Lockdown, while we were being homeschooled, During Fun a Day we used the sewing machine with our mum to make masks, dolls clothes and sleeping bags for toys; we draw and paint at home and we have been making sculptures out of clay. Our videos are inspired by CBBCs Ooglies, we made the potato and mushroom characters ourselves and
we used an iphone app to take lots of photographs
of the characters moving and then made them into
a stop motion video, which we added our own sound to.

Stella Sloan - Untitled video (mushroom) GIF format
Cora Sloan - Untitled video (potato) GIF format

111. Kirsty Baxter
‘Art Therapy Journalling’ Kirsty’s Instagram
(images below)

101. Jenna Martin Leitch
"The birds I’ve seen when I’ve been running.
Bird drawings and paintings on wood."

These gorgeous designs were created from visual sightings of the birds which gives the work added care, detail
and story.
Jenna's Instagram
(images to the right)

104. Burnin Design
"Inspired by wool I collected from a Fun A Day meet and greet I decided to create a collection of wooden animals using the colours black and white I named my project “not everything in this world is black and white but a million shades of grey." I draw, hand cut and burn the design into the wood then use non toxic acrylic paints to give the creatures their final appearance."
Burnin Design on Instagram
(images below)

108. Little White Desk
‘101 Shades of Grey’
(images below)

102. Sonnet Bloom
"I personally used Fun A Day Dundee
as an opportunity to finally open
my Etsy shop. I wanted to use every day in January to get inspired and try out new techniques and materials, to create some nice items that I can put out into the world and hopefully some people might like them enough to buy them.
Many things are not fit for sale, but January was a month of creativity and experimentation.
I have created some pieces and ranges of items that I like enough to put in my shop, and hopefully you like them too. The items range from earrings and pendants, to digital photo manipulations for posters and some simple quote postcards. I had the best time."
Sonnet Bloom on Instagram
& their shop!
(images to the left)

107. SamBaxterArt
(Samantha Sherriff)

“I took the opportunity to chill out with detailed doodles, and painted what made me happy during January!”
Sam's Instagram & website

112. Janey Muir
“At home, in the land of motherhood, I make clothes, character masks, dens, paintings, we draw with charcoal and paint pictures in emulsion on the kids bedroom walls. Fun a Day gave me confidence to be playful. I started making changes to my garden, making creative decisions and claiming the space for me and my family. And I began to claim time outside of motherhood, to be an artist again, and I found a studio space at Chainworks Studios in Dundee.

Pre-Lockdown, I travelled to Orkney to work with my close friend and collaborator Cordelia Underhill, this is where the first photograph was taken. The second photograph was taken at home, during Lockdown. I had watched Grayson's Art Club, between the tv programme and my time with Cordelia, I was seeing beauty all throughout my homelife.

Both photographs are a work in progress, as I feel they belong to something bigger. I am currently back working in my studio painting portraits in oils.”
Janey Muir - Kirk (working title) -
Work in Progress - digital photograph - 2020
Janey Muir - Home (working title) -
Work in Progress - digital photograph - 2020

I am at @janeymuir and @muir_and_underhill
@whatsthedealiaunder (this is cordelia)
(images above)